Magnetization & Applications

The Tech Center also offers technical applications support to its customers to help them better utilize bonded Neo magnets.

One key area of assistance relates to the design and development of magnetization fixtures and systems to ensure that the magnets are optimally saturated and are providing the most effective magnetic field distribution within the device.

Magnetization & ApplicationsEngineers at the Tech Center are the industry’s foremost authority on the magnetization of isotropic bonded Neo magnets.¬†Developments at the Tech Center include magnetization at extremely high current densities, custom tailored magnetization profiles, and the co-development of software to calculate magnetization in isotropic magnets that accurately predicts transient magnetizing fields and allow prototype systems to be built with confidence. Magnequench continues its efforts to provide solutions, particularly with respect to smaller applications and the technical challenge in saturating their narrow magnetic poles.

This is essential as applications continue to be miniaturized including spindle motors in micro disk drives and zoom motors in mobile phome cameras. The Tech Center can lead in the development of today’s most challenging magnetizing tasks.

Applications Support

The Tech Center also provides its customers with significant applications support such as assistance in the design and modeling of motors using bonded Neo magnets. Accomplished in the development and testing of permanent magnet motors, we are equipped with four computer controlled dynamometers, each having electronic power analysis capability.

We are able to fully characterize the performance of a motor when it is a commercially available product or a prototype that has been designed and built by the Tech Center applications team. Furthermore, because Cogging Torque is often an important consideration in the design of a permanent magnet motor, our applications scientists are well-versed in the different causes of cogging in PM motors and have developed solutions to reduce cogging in a broad array of applications.