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About Molycorp Silmet

Get a great introduction to the Molycorp-Silmet facility in Sillamäe, Estonia through the 4.5-minute video below.

Molycorp owns manufacturing facilities in Sillamäe, Estonia. This operation, know as Molycorp Silmet, is one of the biggest rare metal and rare earth metal producers in Europe.

Molycorp Silmet Named Exporter of the Year

Molycorp Silmet recently was named “Exporter of the Year” in Estonia. David O’Brock, Managing Director of the facility, accepts the award on behalf of the more than 600 employees of the facility.

Manufacturing operations at the facility, which employs about 550 people, includes several factories which conduct the following operations:

Our annual production at Molycorp Silmet ranges up to 3,000 mt of rare earth products and 700 mt of rare metal products.

The Molycorp Silmet facility manufactures products for customers around the globe, including Asia, Europe, North and South America, and the nations of the former Soviet Union.

Molycorp Silmet is one of the largest science-intensive high technology companies in Estonia. The company has developed a close cooperation with various units of Tallinn Technical University and University of Tartu. This helps us to prepare specialists for work at Molycorp Silmet and to drive rapid technology development at the company. Molycorp Silmet has the best analytical laboratory operating in metallurgy field in the Baltic States.

Learn more about our new laboratory.

While Molycorp Silmet focuses on quality and customer satisfaction in its products, and it has also made large investments in environmental programs.

European-unionFrom 16.01.2012-31.12.2013 Molycorp Silmet AS`s project “Export Plan“ activities for Tantalum, Tantalum Pentaoxide, Diniobium Pentaoxide, Ditantalum Pentaoxide, Niobium Oxide, Reaction Mass of Dialuminium REACH registration service`s are supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

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