The pursuit of superior environmental performance is a core value across the Molycorp enterprise.

At Molycorp Sillamäe, a key objective of our environmental policy is to develop, produce, and supply products with very limited environmental impact in the production process; that are safe when used appropriately; that minimize the consumption of energy and natural resources; and that can be recycled and safely reused.

Silmet and the environmentTo achieve the established objective, we consider as obligatory the following:

  • Conformity of environmental management system with requirements of ISO 14001;
  • Full conformity with legislative requirements;
  • Continuous implementation of new and up-to-date production and technological methods;
  • Implementation of new waste management systems to regenerate the reagents used in our process and obtain by-products from the waste;
  • Implementation of system for handling of NORM-residues;
  • Clear assignment of responsibility at all management levels;
  • Comprehensive training, instruction, and motivation of personnel related to environmental standards of operation;
  • Care for the environment and solutions to ecological problems should always be considered an essential part of Molycorp Silmet’s relationship with its subsidiaries;
  • Participation in open dialogue with authorities, public, customers and suppliers to make available information on environmental challenges;
  • Ensure that the environmental policy is accessible to all of the company’s workers, and;
  • Continuously improve the environmental performance of the facility in an ultimate effort to permanently eliminate environmental impacts.
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