The Swedes founded oil shale processing plant on the present location of Silmet’ s factories.
Most of the former Silmet’ s facilities are destroyed during the II World War.
1945 Decision is made in Moscow, Russia to start uranium processing in “Factory nr 7” which was the code name of former Silmet.
1946 “Factory nr 7” begins processing uranium instead of oil shale.
1970 Production of rare earth metals and rare metals is started.
1990 “Factory nr 7” is renamed to Silmet. Silmet stops processing uranium and concentrates its activities to producing only rare earth metals and rare metals.
1997 Silmet is fully restructured and privatized – formerly state owned RAS Silmet becomes privately owned AS Silmet.
 2011 Molycorp, Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Molycorp Minerals, LLC, acquires AS Silmet, and the new company becomes Molycorp Silmet AS.
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