ISO 9000

Silmet receiving it's ISO 9000 CertificateAt January 15, 2007, AS Silmet was granted the certificate of conformity No. 204696A, which assures that company’s quality management system conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. Independent audit was carried out by the quality systems certification agency BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION during several days: 25.10.06, 14.11.06 and 19.12.06.

Quality management system was elaborated and introduced with reference to rare metal and rare earth production activities.

Certification of the quality management system was preceded by long and intensive work of Silmet’s staff during 2005-2006, which was successfully completed.

Assignment of the certificate took place in AS Silmet in festive atmosphere. The assignment meeting was attended by the mayor of Sillamäe Mr. Ain Kiviorg, chief engineer of AS Ökosil Mr. Vladimir Nosov, director of AS Silport Kinnisvara Mr. Tõnis Seesmaa, editor of the Sillamjaeski Vestnik newspaper Ms. Lidia Tolmacheva. The meeting was also attended by company’s leading specialists, who were met with approval for their contribution to achievement of this excellent goal. During the same period, recertification of conformity to requirements of ISO 14001:2004 of the company’s environmental management system was carried out. Certificate of conformity No. 204696B was granted.

You can view the ISO 9000 Certificate here:
Silmet ISO 9000 Certificate

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