Rare Earth Alloys and Metals

Tolleson Rare Earth Alloys and MetalsMolycorp Metals & Alloys is a primary source of the lanthanide rare earth metals (including yttrium and scandium) and of rare earth metal alloys.  We are one of the world’s leaders in production of rare earth alloys for magnets.  We offer a complete line of the purified rare earth metals in ingot form, as well as foils, rods, sputtering targets, and other machined shapes.

Molycorp Metals & Alloys also is also one of the world leaders in the production of high-strength magnet alloys, such as neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) and samarium-cobalt (SmCo 1:5, SmCo 2:17) alloys. 

Applications for our alloys can be found in the computer industry (hard-disc drives), the automobile industry (motors, generators, etc.) and for use in MRIs.  These high-energy permanent magnet alloys are available in ingot, billet, strip, and coarse powder forms, and are produced exactly to customer specifications. 

We ensure that variability and confidentiality between each customer’s specification is maintained. Our rare earth alloy production process is ISO-9001 certified.

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