Safety at TollesonSafety is more than a operational commitment and is a core value of our company. Molycorp Tolleson (Molycorp Metals and Alloys) has gone 16 years without an employee losing a day of work due to an occupational injury.

The Tolleson plant has a 100% employee involvement policy in which each member of the plant has a definable safety duty.  One employee orders and stocks the personal protective equipment cabinet; another inspects and maintains the air packs, etc.  In a real way, the operators at Tolleson own the safety process.

The plant utilizes a system of procedures and training methods that are specifically designed to increase the percent knowledge transfer rate and retention. Senior operators regularly conduct anonymous observations of work conducted and provide feedback to the operator being observed.  This is called a behavioral observation process.  The plant monitors percent safe and percent quality actions on a monthly basis.


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