Rare Metals Facilities

Molycorp’s Rare Metals Facilities are producers, processors and developers of rare metals including:

  • gallium
  • indium
  • rhenium

These innovative products are essential in many of today’s high technology applications.

Gallium, indium and rhenium products are used in wireless, light-emitting diode (“LED”), flat panel display, turbine, solar and catalyst applications.

Molycorp Peterborough, Ontario, CanadaMolycorp Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Located in Peterborough, Ontario, approximately 140 km northeast of Toronto, Canada, the plant site consists of one building on approximately 1.7 acres.

It is a hydrometallurgical plant recovering gallium and indium from low grade manufacturers waste and residue.

Molycorp Blanding, Utah, USMolycorp Blanding, Utah, US

Located in Blanding, Utah, approximately 500 kilometres southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah, and accessible by highway, the plant site consists of three buildings on approximately 40 acres.

Here, furnace technology is utilized to recover gallium from high purity gallium arsenide scrap and purities for this secondary gallium are in the 4N to 8N range.

The facility also: (i) upgrades primary gallium from the Ingal-Stade plant and other global producers into the 6N to 8N purity range; (ii) produces gallium nitrate and; (iii) produces gallium oxide.

It is ISO9001:2000 certified and completed a surveillance audit in January 2010 where it met ISO 9001:2008 qualifications.

Molycorp Gallium CompoundsMolycorp Gallium Compounds

Located in Quapaw, Oklahoma, the plant site consists of two buildings on five acres of land. 

Gallium Compounds is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of gallium & gallium products.

Ingal-Stade GmbH - Joint VentureIngal-Stade GmbH – Joint Venture

Located in Stade, Germany and approximately 75 kilometres northwest of Hamburg, Germany, this joint venture facility is a hydrometallurgical plant producing primary gallium with purities in the 4N to 5N range.

The plant site consists of four buildings on approximately 0.65 acres and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Buss & Buss Spezialmetalle GmbHBuss & Buss Spezialmetalle GmbH – Joint Venture

Located in Sagard, Germany and approximately 300 kilometres northeast of Hamburg, Germany, this joint venture facility is a hydrometallurgical recovery plant for recycling rhenium from superalloys producing both catalyst grade APR and high purity metal grade rhenium pellets.

Buss & Buss also recycles tantalum using primarily a pyrometallurgical process producing commercially pure tantalum with a purity of greater than 99.98%.

The plant site consists of two attached buildings on approximately 1.1 acres.

Molycorp Hyeongok

Molycorp HyeongokLocated in the Hyeongok Industrial Zone, this is our gallium tri-chloride production facility located in the Republic of Korea.

This manufacturing facility is now operational and is strategically situated in the heartland of Korea’s booming LED industry. This new plant will supply Asian markets as well as serve as a back-up for the plant located in Quapaw, Oklahoma.

Molycorp owns 80% of this new production facility with the remaining 20 percent owned by the founders of Gallium Compounds, Greg Evans and Kevin Reading.

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