Rare Metals Recycling & Upgrading


We have developed proprietary technology to recover and refine metals from industrial scrap, residues, cements, and dusts and to process and dispose of waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The Company will either purchase your gallium, rhenium or indium containing scrap or toll refine and return upgraded products to specific client specifications.

Following are examples of the materials that we can treat:

Gallium Scrap
  • Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Gallium Phosphide (GaP), Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs), Indium Gallium Phosphide (InGaP)
  • Bulk crystal, wafers (whole and broken), saw kerf, lapping and polishing sludge, alloys, residues, powders, filter media
  • Scrap from spent CIG and CIGS targets
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Indium Scrap
  • Scrap from spent CIG and CIGS targets
  • Indium phosphide and indium antimonide wafers and ingots
  • Saw dust and kerf, lapping and polishing sludge
  • Alloys and solders
  • Indium concentrates and inorganic compounds such as indium containing residues, hydroxides, cements, and dusts.
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Rhenium Scrap
  • Rhenium bearing scrap from superalloys (CMSX4, CMSX10, ReneN5, ReneN6, PWA1484, EPM-102, DD6, TMS71, TMS75, TMS138, MC-NG) including blades, vanes, swarf (turnings, spillings, grindings)
  • Tungsten/rhenium alloys
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Molycorp offers the following upgrading services all done on a tolling basis:

  • Gallium – Metallic gallium of any grade can be upgraded to 4N, 6N, 7N or 8N and delivered to customers in their specified shapes and packaging
  • Indium – Crude indium can be upgraded to 4N, 4N5 or 5N
  • Rhenium – APR can be upgraded to catalyst grade or to metallic rhenium

Process Development

Molycorp offers the services of its Process Metallurgists, Chemists and Engineers to assist clients in developing novel techniques for recovering valuable metals from their process wastes. We can help reduce the costs of raw materials through recycling and recovery methodologies and assist our clients in maintaining environmentally friendly operations through reduction of waste and scrap going to landfill or hazardous waste facilities.

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