High-Purity Materials

Thermal Coatings for Turbines

Thermal Coatings for Turbines Require High-Purity Materials

Neutron Radiography Requires High-Purity Materials

Neutron Radiography Requires High-Purity Materials

Lasers Require High-Purity Materials

Plasma Screens

Plasma Screens Require High-Purity Materials

Molycorp and its subsidiary companies produce some of the highest purity rare earth and rare metal materials in the world. These highly advanced processing capabilities allow us to meet increasingly demanding specifications by manufacturers that need very pure and custom engineered materials.

Technologies and applications that need high-purity, custom engineered rare earth materials include: multi-layer ceramic capacitors, widely used in many advanced and consumer electronics; phosphors for compact fluorescent lighting, plasma screens, and LEDs; high-precision lenses and optics; electronic sensors; super alloys; advanced ceramics; thermal barrier coatings; lasers; neutron radiography; and many others.

To help serve these and other high-end markets, we produce these rare earth materials to the following purity levels:

Rare Earth Material REO/TREO %
Yttrium Oxide 99.9999
Yttrium Europium Gadolinium 99.99
Yttrium Europium Oxide 99.99
Lanthanum Acetate 99.5
Lanthannum Acetetate Solution 99.5
Lanthan Nitrate Solution 99.5
Lanthanum Nitrate Crystal 99.5
Lanthanum Carbonate 99.5 – 99.99
Lanthanum Hydroxide 99.995
Lanthanum Oxide 99.5
Lanthanum Cerium Terbium Oxide 99.99
Cerium Acetate 99.5
Cerium Carbonate 99.5
Cerium Nitrate Solution 99.5
Cerium Nitrate Crystal 99.5
Cerium Chloride 99.5
Cerium Hydroxide 99.5
Cerium Oxide 99.5 – 99.99
Praseodymium Carbonate 99.5
Praseodymium Oxide 99.5 – 99.9
Neodymium carbonate 99.5 – 99.9
Neodymium Oxalate 99.5
Neodymium Oxide 99.5 – 99.99
Neodymium Praseodymium Oxide 99.5 – 99.9
Samarium Oxide 99.9
Europium Oxide 99.999
Gadolinium Oxide 99.99
Terbium Oxide 99.995
Dysprosium Oxide 99.995
Holmium Oxide 99.9
Erbium Oxide 99.9
Ytterbium Oxide 99.9
Lutetium Oxide 99.995
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