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 PhosFIX for Pool and Spa Applications

Molycorp PhosFIX® is a water-soluble, rare-earth based formula engineered to remove phosphates from pools, spas, and recreational waters such as fountains and water features. Phosphate is a critical nutrient for algae, and reduction of phosphorus levels in recreational waters reduces algae growth. Phosphates enter pool water from many sources, including fertilizer drift, dust, incoming fill water, leaves, and swimmer wastes. PhosFIX® acts to precipitate phosphates in the form of a stable and non-toxic particulate that can be easily removed via typical sand or diatomaceous earth filters.

The phosphate precipitation kinetics of PhosFIX® are extremely fast, making the product very effective for use in swimming pools and recreational waters.


PhosFIX® is available in 1000-liter recyclable totes or 3600-gallon tankers. Other package sizes are available upon request.

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